Mental Toughness Can Be And Is A Difference Maker!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Allain Mental Performance.

Julia Allain | Mental Skills Coach

Bio: As a former Division I athlete and current NEPSAC soccer coach, Julia has always been innately curious about human motivation and performance. After earning a master’s degree in sport psychology from McGill University, Julia founded Allain Mental Performance in 2018 where she has worked with various NEPSAC, NCAA, and internationally competing athletes – such as the top ten nationally ranked Yale women’s crew team, NEPSAC championship Cushing girls’ hockey team, and TEAM USA figure skater Milly Murdock. She has published research in The Sport Psychologist, a research journal, on NCAA D1 hockey coaches’ communication, motivation, and management strategies during the highly charged intermission periods, and more recently delivered a Ted Talk on the importance of self-talk and stepping outside of your comfort zone. She is constantly seeking out and implementing new ways to help athletes maximize their performance, gain a psychological advantage over their opponents, and increase their overall enjoyment.

Themes/Focus: This summer program will provide athletes with an introduction to various aspects of their mental performance, in addition to arming them with specific skills and strategies to implement both on and off the ice. Training athletes to be more aware and in control of their self-talk, emotions, and actions will help them feel more confident when facing the various ups and downs that come with any athletic journey or career. The overall goal of the program will be to foster mindful athletes with internally driven confidence and motivation, that are resistant to the numerous uncontrollable external factors.


Contact: [email protected]

Instagram: @allainmentalperformance

Twitter: @AMP_coaching

We are committed to our players full development, on and off the ice.  Having watched the mental side of the game develop to where it is at today over the past 30 years while coaching pro hockey, I can assure you that if you do not take this component seriously, you will be decidedly behind those who do. 

We will be having seminars for all groups during the summer, either directly before or after you skate. 

If anyone wants to take advantage of this asset beforehand, we would strongly suggest that you reach out directly.  Several already have, it has been a very difficult year for our players and she is incredible at working with our hockey players. 

I can also assure you that these seminars and discussions will not just benefit our players on the ice but will carry over into everything they do, school, family, friendships and so on.  This goes very well with two of our favorite sayings, “control what you can control” and “the man in the mirror knows the truth”
Get ready for another great summer, Summer 2021 staff and program will be our best ever, we will be ready, we know you will be as well!
– Coach V