“Paul Vincent, a skating coach, who took me into his home for two years no questions asked to help me work on my game. To him I want to say thank you, I want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten that you helped me.”

- Adam Oates

NHL Hall of Famer

“Both Tyler and Sam cannot say enough of what your program has done for their skills. Tyler continues to excel thanks to your training, skill development and his devotion to work hard. He is looking forward to his senior year at KUA! Tyler says he hopes to attend the summer with Mr. Vincent for as long as he can continue to play at college and maybe beyond. Sam, who attended his first Paul Vincent summer, has made incredible gains and is already asking us to make sure he is signed up.

He is starting to get some looks and is hoping to get accepted into Phillips Andover next year as a freshman. He was recently mentioned as an up and coming 99. We want to make sure that both Tyler and Sam our on your list for next summer. Our third boy is only 10 but just like his brothers, hockey is his passion. Thank you for everything you have done for our boys. The lessons learned go beyond the rink and their commitment to be excellent students and citizens is reinforced by your commitment for excellence.”

- Frank Bird

Regarding sons Tyler and Sam (Tyler Bird was featured in
The Hockey News as one of the hottest NHL draft
prospects in the country.)

“Coach V, just as an FYI in speaking with my son Kevin he said that your program was the best on-ice program he has ever participated in all his years of hockey. I think his only regret is that he did not do it sooner.”

- Bob Sullivan

Regarding son Kevin Sullivan,
Union College forward

“Thanks Coach. Carl is enjoying the experience. Playing on a line with two Harvard recruits and a Detroit draft pick and the league is fast paced. You gave him some good advice – i.e. go play juniors on a team where you have to earn your spot in the lineup with no guarantees – and I think it keeps him on his toes!”

- Neal Hesler

Regarding a Dartmouth recruit and
current leading scorer in BCHL

On his offseason regimen: “Actually, I just got back in Boyle’s [gym]. I’m there at 7 a.m. with a group that has Chris Kreider in it, the Rangers forward. It’s good motivation having a guy like that around. It pushes you. Then, from 2-4, I’ll head to Ristuccia and work on my skating with Paul Vincent. I’ve been doing that for the past several years. We do a lot of edge work there, and before I started there, I’d never really done that.

I was horrible at it initially, but then you get really strong on your edges and that’s really what you need at the next level. You have to be able to skate, it’s the most important part of hockey. I love Mr. Vincent, I think that I owe a lot to him.”

- Brian Pinho

Washington Capitals 2013
NHL draft pick

“He was always a good skater,’’ said John Grzelcyk. “He knows size-wise it’s a long shot for him to play in the NHL, so they’re really trying to take advantage of the school. He’s always been to good hockey schools. He’s been with [renowned skating coach] Paul Vincent since he’s been a kid and he’s never had a bad coach. I just hope he takes advantage of it.’”

- John Grzelcyk

regarding his son, Boston University's
Matt Grzelcyk

“When it comes to what Vincent brought to the table in Chicago, it’s simple. They do not raise the cup in 2010 without him. Period.”

- Andy Campbell

Bleacher Report

“Skating with Paul Vincent is a key component of my summer training. Paul understands the important aspects of my game as an individual. He helps me to constantly fine tune strengths while focusing on my weaknesses to improve my overall skill level and game.”

- Lee Stempniak

NHL Player for Calvary Flames

“What Vincent brings to the table is beyond wins and losses. It goes beyond just the team concept. His coaching tactics can dramatically change a players career, financial considerations and lifestyle. For players like Sharp and Byfuglien, it ultimately contributed to their current contracts.”

- Blackhawks

Bleacher Report

“The name Paul Vincent has always been synonymous with excellence in skating and instruction in the hockey world. At MBSC we are proud to be associated with a man who has maintained a flawless reputation for thirty years.”

- Mike Boyle

Boston Red Sox Trainer